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Clinical Interoperability

Healthcare is a complex pastiche of standards, compliance requirements and competing factions – resulting in a large number of failures and a few successes as companies have tried to create a unified view of patient data. Our company can provide the necessary guidance on what to avoid, where to focus, when to build, who to partner with and how to succeed. 


Hackers are targeting healthcare and other data holders like never before and the threats continue to evolve. Phishing? Doxing? Ransomware? Blockchain? Let Informatic Ideas provide the concrete steps that you need to take to secure yourself, your business and your data.

healthcare analytics & AI

Few domains will benefit more from AI and Machine Learning than healthcare. Even with access to patient data many challenges still exist, including which algorithms to apply, what features provide the most impact and how to actually use the outputs in a clinician workflow to achieve the Triple Aim of improving patient experience and population health at a reduced cost. Informatic Ideas can provide services such as algorithm selection, exogenous data recommendations and workflow refactoring, all with the aim of making a measurable impact on your outcomes.

risk management & Investigative analytics

Whether you are proactively managing risk or trying to investigate a loss after the fact Informatic Ideas can help. With experience analyzing public safety data and investigating suspicious activity we can provide the who's and the what's to look for.

Data strategy

Many organizations have vast troves of data, but they either don't understand how to leverage it to differentiate their existing products or to how to repackage it to create new sources of revenue for their business. Informatic Ideas understands how to extract value from your content so that you can stay a step ahead of your competitors.